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seru-trepa  (say'ruu tray'pa)  n.
1. the inversion of apertures
2. one who makes photographs
3. lensman; photog; or shutterbug

serutrepa is a semiautonomous, somewhat anonymous, RVA-based photographer who is passionate about capturing unique moments in his signature styles. His devotion to artistic craftsmanship through the medium of photography is uncompromising. He stumbled into the world of photography more than 15 years ago, slowly becoming obsessed with the fundamentals that make a great photograph: lighting, angles, composition, and use of space. Whether it's architectural, street, or fine-art photography, he strives to capture poignant and profound moments with a creative twist. Understanding every detail and meeting exacting standards drives every step of his distinct fine art process. This adherence to precision is what the finest photographic art both demands and deserves...


Making this art that you deserve.

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